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This dark truth of Shiv Bhakt Farman Nazi came in front of everyone, YouTube deleted the song ‘Har Har Shambhu’

The month of Sawan is over. The entire Sawan devotees remember Lord Shiva and worship him. in the month of Sawan ,Har Har Shambhu, The song was also sung a lot. This song was trending on social media. This song was settled on everyone’s tongue. This song is sung by Farmani Naaz. With this song, Farman became a star overnight. He also had to face a lot of controversy regarding this song. Farmani belongs to Ratanpuri village. This is an orthodox village where women even go out of the house to put cow dung in the field and go with a veil.

Farmani of the same village has also participated in Indian Idol along with her brother Farman. He rocked the Indian Idol stage with his songs. At the same time, during the Kanwar Yatra, he sang the song Har Har Shambhu. Due to this, she had come under the target of Muslim Ulama. However, the song about which Farmani came in the discussion has been removed from YouTube. Let us tell you that due to which mistake this song of Farmani Naaz has been deleted from YouTube.

Action taken after complaint of Jitu Sharma

Actually, Farmani Naaz may have sung Har Har Shambhu but she is not its original singer. Abhilipsa Pandey sang it for the first time. At the same time, Jitu Sharma had composed the lyrics of this song. Now Jeetu Sharma has accused Farmani of plagiarism of his song. Recently, he had a special conversation with a channel about this. Jeetu Sharma says that he has no problem with Farmani’s song. He worked very hard in writing this song.

This dark truth of Shiv Bhakt Farman Nazi came in front of everyone, YouTube deleted the song ‘Har Har Shambhu’

Jeetu says that he wanted Farmani to give him credit for this song, but Farmani didn’t. Now this one mistake went against him. Farmani kept postponing the issue but after Jeetu Sharma’s complaint, YouTube took action against him. The rights of this song are with Jeetu Sharma. Jeetu grew up in Odisha. His father works as a vegetable seller.

Jeetu was always interested in singing, so he came to this field. He wanted that when Farmani sang this song, he should get credit for writing its lyrics. At the same time, when Farmani did not do so, action was taken against him.

Video of shooting in Haridwar went viral

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Farmani has sung a song to Bhole Baba. Even before this, she has posted many Bhajam on social media. Recently, he had posted on social media a video of the production of Haridwar’s walk, filmed among Shiva devotees in Haridwar. In this video of him, his team was seen in the getup of Shiva and Parvati. This video of him was also well liked on YouTube.