You will hear different and strange ways to earn money. Like taking utensils by selling hair, earning money by selling junk etc. But what we are going to tell you today, you will never have heard that. Hearing which you will feel strange at first, then you will be surprised. The thing is like this. Actually, a girl has earned lakhs by selling her fart. You will be surprised to know that she is not a common girl, but a TV star. Who used to fart in a box, then used to store and sell it. Now you must be thinking that how can she store the fart in the box and even if she does, then how many boxes will be there, which she sells in lakhs. Today we are going to tell you this whole matter in this article.

This girl earned 38 lakh rupees in a week by selling her feet, but greed increased the trouble

The name of this strange girl is Stephanie Matteo. Who earns $ 50 thousand i.e. 38 lakh rupees in Indian rupees in just a week by selling her ‘fart’. Now the question must be coming in your mind that if someone buys fart too, then let us tell you that the demand of jar filled with this fart has become so much in the market that Stephanie started consuming more gas making food for it.

Let us tell you that Stephanie had to fill 50 jars a week. For which he started consuming eggs, black gram and soup with protein shake three times a day. But it is said that when there is an excess of something, it starts doing harm. Something similar happened with Stephanie. Due to the consumption of these things, at one time, Stephanie started having so much acidity that she started having trouble breathing.

After which she reached the doctor, where she came to know that the symptoms of severe acidity and heart attack are similar. In such a situation, he realized that he too might have a heart attack. Due to which Stephanie closed her business. Let us tell you that Stephanie herself gave information about this strange business through Instagram. Since then, this matter has become a topic of discussion on social media.