South star Allu Arjun is making India proud. He represented India in the biggest annual Indian Day Parade in New York. India is celebrating the 75th year of its independence. Allu Arjun has also graced the LED screen of Times Square. It is the proudest moment for India as an Indian actor has represented the country at the world level. When the actor made his presence felt in this mega parade, he started trending on social media. This parade has proved to be a huge success for the Pan India Star.

Allu Arjun shared the video

Sharing a video on his social media Allu Arjun shared this moment with his fans. The actor wore a white Jodhpuri and a tricolor around his neck, exemplifying the culture of India. He wrote in the thank you note, “Thank you. It was an honor for me to be Grand Marshal at the Indian Day Parade in NYC.”

"This is the tricolor of India, will never bow"Allu Arjun spoke among hundreds of people in New York, photos

Allu Arjun honored

Allu Arjun also shared some pictures where he is being awarded the Certificate of Recognition from New York Mayor Eric Adams. The actor also shared his Pushpa Raj style with them. He wrote in the caption, “Glad to meet the Mayor of New York City. Very sporty gentleman. Thank you Mr. Eric Adams for the honor.”

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“This is the tricolor of India, will never bow”

Allu Arjun’s love and respect for the country was seen when he addressed the people during the parade saying “Yeh Bharat ka tricolor hai, kabhi jhukega nahi” He held the Indian flag in his hand. It is being told that a huge crowd of around 5 lakh fans had gathered in the parade, they were shouting loudly to cheer for Allu Arjun and he was felicitated as ‘Jai Bunny’, the whole parade in itself. There was a sight.

Allu Arjun is one of the biggest Indian celebrities

South Star was invited to represent India as Grand Marshal at the annual Indian Day Parade in New York. This makes him one of the biggest Indian celebrities of all time. Allu Arjun has always managed to make his fans proud. Recently, Pan India Star had made a lot of headlines by rejecting the Pan Masala brand, Rummy brand and Cigarette brand. Talking about his workfront, fans are waiting for the release of his film ‘Pushpa 2’.