In today’s time living in live-in has become very common. Many people live in live-in for years without getting married. There have been many Bollywood stars who married each other after spending time in live-in. Not only Bollywood stars but there are also some TV stars who like to live in live-in. One of these star couple is Ashlesha Sawant and Sandeep Baswana who are close. 20 Have been living in live in for years.

However, the special thing is that even after living in live-in for so many years, this couple has not married till date. Recently, Sandeep Baswana talked about planning his marriage and children in an interview. Let me tell you how their love story started.

Love was fueled by Ekta Kapoor’s hit show

One of the most hit shows of Ekta Kapoor ,because mother-in-law was also a daughter-in-law, The audience gave a lot of love. Many such actors worked in this show who became the favorite of the audience. The actors of this serial Ashlesha Sawant and Sandeep Baswana are still the favorite of the audience. Let us inform that Ashlesha played the character of Tisha Mehta Virani in this show, while Sandeep Sahil was seen in the role of Virani. The couple, who work together on the small screen, like each other very much in real life as well. They are together for 20 years. last 20 Both are living in live in relationship since years.

This star couple lives in the same house without getting married for 20 years, this answer was given on the question of having children

In an interview, Sandeep told that even though both of them are not officially married but their relationship is similar to marriage. The two had come close to each other while working together. They understand each other’s work very well. Sandeep said- Our relationship is like marriage, we just don’t play drums. We are very spiritual people and we know that we have come to this world for a short time.

In such a situation, we believe that the more time passes with love, the better. We promised each other that as long as there is love in us, we will be together. When this love is not there, we will not harm each other’s life. Till now our love is intact, now we will see whether we get married or not.

Have been together since the first meeting

Sandeep Baswana says that he is not against marriage. They believe that two people should live together as long as they are in love. If love is over then they should leave each other’s side. Even after living in live in for 20 years, Sandeep and Ashlesha do not have any child. Regarding this, the actor said – There are too many children in this world anyway. The population is also increasing continuously, so you have to think before doing this. If we feel from within that children should do it, then we will do it.

Sandeep Baswana first met Ashlesha during a serial. Both Kamal met each other for the first time during the serial. Later Sandeep’s entry ,Because mother-in-law was also a daughter-in-law, Happened on the show. Before this show, they used to like each other but they fell in love while working together. that close 18-20 They worked together for hours. In such a situation, they came very close to each other and are still together.