Mumbai: The reality television show Bigg Boss 16 is currently in its 16th season and is also entertaining the audience to a great extent. Some more drama is being seen in the recent episodes, in which there is a fierce fight between the contestants.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of the show has released a video, in which Shalin Bhanot is seen teasing Tina Dutta and Gautam Singh Vij as he kept clean shaven. Is. This video is becoming quite viral.

The video has been captioned, “After a clean shave, ragging is different from a friend”. Watch this video here-

In the video footage, only Shalin is visible at first sight, who seems to have wrapped his hand around Gautham. In the clip, Gautham is still not visible in the frame, while contestant Tina Dutta can be seen shying away from the two as if she is nervous about something.

As she backs away, pointing to Gautham she says, “Meet my new friend Chiknu 2.0.”

Shalin also laughs at his face, soon after Gautham appears in the frame. After this both his bearded look and clean shaven look are shown. Let us tell you that Gautam and Soundarya are in the headlines for their bond in the house. However, the family members call their relationship fake.