Mumbai: Bigg Boss house is once again filled with new contestants. At the beginning of the first episode of the 16th season, Bigg Boss invites Sajid Khan and Abdu Rojic to the confession room and asks Sajid to be Abdu’s translator. During this, both of them have some interesting and funny conversations, which Sajid Khan keeps on translating.

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While sharing the household chores, the first captain of the house Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia (Nimrat Kaur & Archana Gautam Fight) decided to remove Archana Gautam from the cooking duty as there are already 6 people in the house cooking. There would have been a big dispute between Archana and Nimrit, where all the girls took Nimrit’s side.

On the other hand, Archana refused to accept the new duty given by Nimrat. There is a lot of argument between the two, after which the captain of the house Nimrit gives Archana the cleaning duty and removes her from the duty of cooking food and snacks.

Seeing this episode, it seems that a cold war has started in the house on the very first day. The dispute between these two does not stop here. During a task, Nimrit refused to touch Archana without informing her about the task. On the other hand, Archana celebrates Nimrit and then writes ‘Baker’ on his forehead, which breaks Nimrit’s heart.

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In the midst of the debate, Nimrit says that no one liked Archana’s tea, some of them even threw it. Priyanka and Manya are seen agreeing with Nimrit. Archana refuses to listen, Nimrit further says that he did not tell Archana as she did not want to hurt her feelings. But after this task, she no longer wants to talk to Archana. Nimrit goes to the bathroom and screams.

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