New Delhi: A name has created a lot of noise on social media. The news of one name is heard every day on the Internet. Not only this, the name we are talking about, it also got the title of the most searched person on the Internet a few days ago.

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Yes, we are talking about social media sensation aka Javed. Urfi Javed created panic by going topless on a big festival like Diwali. Urfi stunned everyone on the day of Diwali by covering her body with one hand.

Let us inform that on her official Instagram account, Urfi Javed has shared a post, in which she is seen nude. In a black dress, he is seen covering the body again with one hand. He has hidden his upper body with his hand.

Photo Credit @ urf7i Instagram

Urfi has come under the trolls’ target for this post. Responding to the trollers, Urfi wrote, “Until you are able to buy Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you my people will have to tolerate this terrible site of mine. Here’s a lesson for you, you don’t control the world. You are just an average person who thinks everything a girl puts on her body is their business.