Vakeel Saab 6 Days Collection | Vakeel Saab Box Office Collection Till Now

Vakeelsaab was surely one of the best pawan kalyan’s movie ever and is certainly best among the recent remakes. Apart from being called it as a remake this movie comprises many extra elements , all of them deals with common man’s problems and little bit love love story with sruthi hasan and are not presented in original pink movie.

Vakeel Saab collected more than ₹100 crores in 5 days and the worldwide collection is going on. Here is 6th day collection of Vakeel Saab along with total box office collection till now.

On its first weekend Vakeel Saab collected a total of around ₹105 crores.

Vakeel Saab Box Office Collection

Day wiseAndhra PradeshIndia netWorldwideTotal collection
Day 1₹25.50 crores₹20.80 crores₹8.80 crores₹55.10 crores
Day 2₹9.50 crores₹5.50 crores₹3.00 crores₹18.00 crores
Day 3₹8.50 crores₹4.50 crores₹3.50 crores₹16.50 crores
Day 4₹5.00 crores₹2.50 crores₹1.80 crores₹9.30 crores
Day 5₹5.20 crores₹1.40 crores₹1.10 crores₹6.70 crores
Day 6₹3.50 crores₹1.80 crores₹0.55 crores₹5.85 crores

Vakeel Saab day 6 collection was around ₹5.85 crores. It collected around ₹3.50 in Andhra Pradesh. Now, its 6 days total box office collection is around ₹111.45 crores.