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Vakeel Saab Day 4 Box Office Collection Worldwide

Vakeel Saab Day 4 Box Office Collection Worldwide

Keeping the originality of message, Vakeel Saab movie is smoothly delivered to all sections of the Audience. Pawan Kalyan along with Nivetha Thomas, Anjali and Ananya Nagella had used their full potential and showcased amazing acting skills.

Vakeel Saab has already earned around ₹100 crores in 3 days. Vakeel Saab movie not only in India but in US is hitting the big screen and are continuing to break records.

Its being a 4 days since the movie is released, it is seen dropping in box office collection this is because of pandemic situation. It already earned ₹100 crores in 3 days in worldwide collection and here is 4th day box office collection of Vakeel Saab.

Here is Vakeel Saab’s day 4 box office collection worldwide in a below chart.

Vakeel Saab Box Office Collection (4 days)

Day wiseAndhra PradeshIndia netWorldwideTotal collection
Day 1₹25.50 crores₹20.80 crores₹8.80 crores₹55.10 crores
Day 2₹9.50 crores₹5.50 crores₹3.00 crores₹18.00 crores
Day 3₹8.50 crores₹4.50 crores₹3.50 crores₹16.50 crores
Day 4₹5.00 crores₹2.50 crores₹1.80 crores₹9.30 crores

Vakeel Saab day 4 collection would be around ₹9.30 crores. Here it may earn ₹5.00 crores in a homeland. It may earn around ₹2.50 crores in other parts of country. Vakeel Saab box office collection on day 3 would be around ₹9.30 crores.

Also it may earn around ₹5.00 crores to ₹ 6.00 crores on its 5th day worldwide.