A video of Karan Kundrra and 12-year-old actress Riva Arora, who were seen in ‘Bigg Boss 15’, is going viral. Since then, Riva Arora has suddenly come into the limelight for the wrong reasons. Karan Kundrra is being accused about the video.

In the video, she is shown as an adult, who is seen romancing an actor much older than her, so netizens are unable to digest the video. People are leaving no stone unturned to express their frustration and anger over the video on social media. Also Read – Breast and mouth cancer will be known by blowing, patients will be treated easily …

In the video, Riva Arora is shown as an adult girl who cheats on her boyfriend with Karan Kundrra. Also, in the video, she is shown on a date with Karan Kundrra, where she is also seen holding a drink. Netizens found it objectionable that a 38-year-old man is romancing a teenager who is not even an adult yet. He also blamed Reeva’s parents for giving her growth hormones and exploiting her to earn money.

Netizens criticized the music video

A user took a jibe at the makers and said that ‘Riva Arora is a minor, who is being sexually abused. It is public pedophilia that is being accepted and enjoyed while their parents are pushing them into these things. She was asked to do a romantic scene with Karan Kundrra, who is 38 years old. Did the makers not know his age?’ Also Read – Now you can also make Rajasthan’s Famous Ker Sangri at home, here’s how to make it …

Another user blamed Reeva’s parents and wrote that ‘Karan Kundra is 38 years old and the actress also looks more than 20 years old. Riva Arora is just 12 years old. This video has been posted on his Instagram. His parents are also involved in this.

Riva Arora’s parents blamed

The third user wrote, ‘Just found out that Riva Arora’s mother has injected her with growth hormone which is usually given to fatten chicken, so that they can increase their Instagram followers and get a role in films . We are touching the level of Kali Yuga which should not be there. Let us tell you that the title of the music video is ‘Ankhiyan’. The video was also shared on Riva Arora’s Instagram page.