The land of Jharkhand is rich in talent. People from every corner of Jharkhand reach Mayanagari to try their luck. Some remain anonymous, while some people raise the flag of success in the film industry. One such youth is Vikram Paswan. Vikram Paswan of Bokaro district had reached Mumbai to make his mark in the dance world. His story is also a bit filmy. He even worked as a waiter in a restaurant to feed his stomach. This job is gone too. But, the day got better. Worked as a background dancer in some Bollywood films. Now Bhojpuri film superstar Khesarilal Yadav is making many artists dance. From Strugler to Choreographer of Bhojpuri films Vikram Paswan From Shraddha Chhetri Had a long conversation. You also read the story of Vikram’s struggle…

Tell us something about your journey?

I had to struggle a lot from the beginning. I am still struggling. In his childhood, he used to dance in the show, in the pandal or in any competition. Gradually this hobby turned into a dream. When I felt that I want to move forward in this field, I thought why not go to Mumbai and give wings to my dream. After that I left Bermo and went to Mumbai.

How did you get the first chance?

I got my first chance because of Suresh Mukund ji’s Kings United. After learning dance there for many years, Suresh ji gave me a chance to dance in IPL 2016. After that I started getting more opportunities. Recently also worked as a background dancer in the film Brahmastra.

How did you turn to the Bhojpuri industry?

I have been in Bhojpuri industry for the last one-and-a-half years. Initially I came here as a dancer. Then by the grace of Mata Rani, I got a chance to do choreography. As a choreographer, I got a chance to teach dance to Khesari Lal Yadav on the song ‘Nathuniya Hamar’. This song was also a huge hit. Apart from this, I have worked with stars like Ritesh Pandey, Arvind Akela Kallu.

Apart from dancing, what other things do you love?

Apart from dancing, I also do acting. Recently a music video of Sa Re Ga Ma Bhojpuri ‘Saudi Balam’ was released. In this, I worked as a lead with singer Shilpi Raj.

What were the difficulties faced in the initial phase?

Struggle is still going on. Yes, but the first 8 years were full of struggle. I never told the story of my struggle to my family members. Till today he did not let them know what difficulties I faced to fulfill my dream. To meet my expenses, I used to work as a waiter in a restaurant, but later I was fired from there too. Even today when I remember those days, my eyes fill with tears.

What is Future Plan?

I want to raise my level further. I want to leave my mark not only in Bhojpuri, but also in Bollywood. I want to do something not only for myself but also for those people who are from small town like me and want to do something big. I want to take them. One day I will be doing this.