Aamir Khan is in discussion about his film Lal Singh Chaddha. For a long time, there was a demand to boycott him and his film. At the same time, it has been more than 10 days since this film was released. Aamir Khan’s film has not been able to earn above 55 crores even after hard struggles. Along with Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Mona Singh were also seen in the film.,

This film was being boycotted for a long time. Now its effect is being seen. His old statements about Aamir are becoming quite viral. Along with this, his trolling is still not taking the name of stopping. Recently, an old statement of his brother Faizal Khan has also come into the limelight.

KRK tweeted Faizal’s post

Let us tell you that the stars of Aamir Khan are walking in the heat these days. everywhere their There are demands to boycott the film. When the film was being made, it is being expected to cross 300 crores. At the same time, it has become difficult to find the cost of this film. Due to the flop of this film, many problems have arisen for Aamir. Meanwhile, there is a statement of his brother Faizal Khan which again came into the limelight among the audience.

Viral Video: After the flop of Lal Singh Chaddha, this actor got angry on Aamir Khan, said – who did not belong to his father….

Kamal R Khan, who calls himself a film critic, has recently tweeted. Has posted an old statement of Faizal Khan, who turned actor from Khan to Kamal R Kumar. Faizal Khan said long ago, Aamir is the worst person in the world. who did not belong to his father, What happened to your country if it didn’t happen to your family. No one knows him better than his family. Now this old statement of Faisal has become a headache for Aamir Khan.

Red’s bad condition

Many years ago, Faizal Khan made a shocking disclosure about Aamir. He had told that due to Aamir, he could never make a career in films. When Mela film flopped, Aamir asked him to quit acting., He said that Faisal is not a good actor. He should do something else. Along with this, Faizal Khan had said that he was placed under house arrest. He was given many medicines which he did not need. Even at that time, this revelation of Faizal had surprised the fans a lot. However, later he said that now everything is fine between him and Aamir.

Along with this, Faizal had said that he does not have any girlfriend or wife. Because they don’t have that much money. Now the distance between Faisal and Aamir may have reduced. But Aamir’s troubles are not taking the name of less. Aamir’s film, the official remake of Forrest Gump, is not getting the audience. Aamir, who did one film in a year, had high expectations from his film.