Diya Aur Baati Hum fame actress Kanishka Soni has made a shocking disclosure about Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan. The actress has accused Sajid Khan of sexually harassing her. Now in the conversation, Kanishka has put the dark truth of the industry in front of the world.

Kanishka made these allegations against Sajid Khan

Kanishka told that Sajid Khan had told her – I have seen your figure. Height-body is very good. You are the lead material, just put on the T-shirt and show me your stomach. I want to see your body. I felt strange hearing this. I was scared of that. I could not even imagine that I would do all this to appear in a picture. I have studied so much, so I could have done something good on the basis of studies. I didn’t need anyone with me to become a big star.

Kanishka said- The second time I met him, I felt that a person changes. Maybe now they will understand that I am not that kind of girl. If he wanted, he would have given me the role of supporting actress. I went to meet him again to say all this. I hoped that now some good producer-director would be found. But I did not find anyone in the film industry who did not demand. Lead actresses were also replaced overnight with girlfriends of producers or directors. I was very scared of all these things. I have suffered these things for 15 years. I do not have the courage to bear more than this.

Will the actress come in Bigg Boss?

Will Kanishka come to Bigg Boss and tell the truth about Sajid Khan? On this question, the actress said- I will not come back to India even if I get a chance to come in Big Boss. There will be a show, then these people will try to trap me for other work, because I have taken the names of so many big people. To tell the truth, I do not believe in the law of India, because these people weigh everything about actresses with fame and money.

Why did Kanishka leave India?

Kanishka no longer lives in India. She is trying her luck in Hollywood. On leaving the country, the actress said- Since 2019, I felt that I do not want to live here. Now what is the value of Bigg Boss show, which has selected Sajid Khan? I had no interest in this reality show even before. I have never seen Big Boss. But I am sad that if the whole world sees Big Boss, then at least select the deserving people. Those who do corruption, should not be given much value.