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What is Giant Paris Mural (Call for Hope Painting)?

What is Giant Paris Mural (Call for Hope Painting)?

Paris is a bright and colourful human face rises up out of waves like a call for hope over a Parisian road, in a monster message of positive thinking from American and French road artists painting a monstrous painting in the French capital that is gradually moving out of its virus segregation.

lllustrator AJ Dungo, 29, who lives in California, and French spray painting craftsman Da Cruz, 44, began working in mid-June on the 25-meter (82-foot) high painting in the nineteenth arrondissement, in the upper east of Paris.

The project is supported by the French American Mural Art (FAMA) program, led by the U.S. Embassy, in association with local festival Ourcq Living Colors.

For more than a year, artists across the world have been restrained by virus restrictions. California gradually lifted most measures in recent weeks. France started reopening its economy last month, including museums, theaters, cinemas and concert halls.

Da Cruz said “we’ve been confined (at home), freed, we went out again,” so the mural represents “that human energy which makes us get over the hardships of life.”

AJ Dungo stressed that for many artists, last year meant “a drought of inspiration.”

He also said “People were more concerned about their livelihoods and their families and their loved ones to even make meaningful art”