When Hindutva wakes up, all your intentions will be blown away in front of it. The film Hindutva is full of such wonderful dialogues and scenes.

New Delhi. The trailer that was waiting for a long time has finally arrived. Yes, I am talking about Hindutva. Its trailer has been released today and the film will be released on 7 October. From now on, people have made up their hearts to watch this film. At least those people who have love and reverence for Hindutva definitely want to see it. After a long time, a period has come when a film related to Hindutva is being made. When films are telling the difference between Hindutva and terrorism through their art. Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota ji is also going to appear in this film. Apart from this, it is a film of Marathi cinema which is being released in many other languages ​​including Hindi for the first time. The director of this film is Karan Razdan. This film is being released as part one, that means there is every possibility of its other part coming. You will also see Sonarika Bhadauria in this film. Here we will talk about the trailer of this.

what’s in the trailer

Don’t bow down, don’t be afraid, I am a Hindu, I have to say proudly. This is the main point of this film. The trailer of the film begins where a boy is assigned a task who is reminded that sometime back in a university “Afzal we are ashamedSlogans were raised. There is a dialogue in the very beginning where there is talk of Hindutva being in danger. At the same time a big question is shown through the trailer that “If we are expelled from this country, is there another Hindu country where we can go and live?

After this, the student politics happening in the universities is shown through the trailer and then a big passion has been done to the audience that “If a Muslim can proudly call himself a Muslim, then where does this secularism go when a Hindu proudly calls himself a Hindu.In the trailer, the importance of Hindutva has been told, Hindutva has been shown in a wonderful way. Apart from this, music has also been given on Hindutva.

how is the trailer

Awesome trailer for the first time. Zindabad Trailer. The way the music is presented is commendable. The way the dialogues are written makes the heart of clapping. The way the questions are asked through dialogue, they reflect the truth. The film promotes Hindutva and throws water on the plans of those who destroy Hindutva. The trailer is telling that when this film comes, it can create panic. If awakened Hindus come together. If this film also gets support like The Kashmir Files. Such films need to run. So that such films continue to be made in future also. You can get an idea of ​​the film yourself by watching the trailer. The makers request that if this trailer is good, the audience wants to see this film, then the subject of this film should be brought to as many people as possible. So that more and more this film gets support.

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