You are watching Binod… Babu ji’s fear..

New Delhi: The webseries Panchayat became very famous among 2 people. Also famous was its character ‘Banarakas’ and one of its dialogues. Many memes and videos often appear on social media on this dialogue ‘Dekh rahe ho Binod…’. This time a video has surfaced in which some puppies are barked at by a dog and those cute puppies enter a small hole (his house) one after the other.

Mohit Parashar, who posted this video on Twitter, has given the caption. You are seeing Binod… Babuji’s fear…. There are 6-7 different colored cute puppies in the video. First he barks and calls Doggy (his father) on his way. When Doggy barks back at them as if asking to go inside the house like a responsible father. Hearing him, all the puppies are seen entering the small hole.

going viral

The audience has liked this video a lot. This video has been put on 17th August evening only. Within a few hours, more than two thousand people have seen it. Lots of people are liking and retweeting this. So far 60 people have retweeted this. More than 130 people have liked.